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Lean Office & Lean Sales

IPC is successfully applying Lean Business techniques in the Office and within the Sales force. Lean techniques have long been applied in manufacturing but real benefits are obtainable by applying Lean principles in the Office and within the Sales process. IPC are Enterprise Ireland approved Lean Consultants. We work with our clients under the Ent...
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Flexible Working Time Solutions

flexible working times

In this competitive world, organizations need to closely match working time arrangements with business and organizational requirements. We design flexible shift roster and working time patterns that meet current and emerging demand patterns and cater for fluctuations in those demand patterns for both products and services. Our experienced consultants have an established record in designing innovative and socially acceptable shift rosters and rotas to fit the needs of organizations, employees and customers. Such solutions take full account of the provisions of the Working Time Act and NERA audits. We can also recommend the appropriate shift premium that will ensure equity and consistency across your organization.

Today´s fluctuating demand patterns create a constant need to review and update working time arrangements and shift rosters to ensure a flexible, practical and cost effective approach. We develop best-fit working time arrangements.