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Partner Retires

January 2 2019

Our esteemed partner Pat Savage retired on the 31st December 2018 at the end of a long and illustrious career. We wish him well in his retirement and look foward to hearing of his success at national coursing events, fly fishing and on the golf course.

Temporary Agency Worker Directive – How exposed are you?

December 13 2011

The Bill giving effect to the Directive is being finalised, it is effective from 5th December 2011 and from this date all Temporary Agency Workers are entitled to equal treatment in pay and basic working conditions as if they were directly recruited to the same job by the hirer.
Equal treatment extends to the following range of issues, Basic Pay, Shift Premium, Piece Rates, Overtime premium, Unsocial Premium, Sunday Premium, Working Time, Rest Periods, Rest Breaks, Night Work, Annual Leave, Public Holidays, Access to collective facilities and amenities, and access to vacancies in the Hirer company, no derogation period will apply.
The cost implications of compliance can be significant to your organisation, IPC Consulting is working with client organisations developing and implementing appropriate mechanisms to ensure that they are fully compliant with the Bill, in some instances no cost increase will arise as a result of engaging Agency Workers where they are employed to meet specific changes in demand for goods and services.
For a free consultation please contact Declan Duke, 087 2366362

Temporary Agency Worker Directive

October 24 2011

The Sunday Telegragh has announced that Britains largest private sector employer is understood to have discussed making use of an ‘opt-out’ clause with its recruiters moving 1000’s of temps are missing out on increased wages and benefits, by multiple recruiters used by Tesco had adopted the get out clause, employers thus hiring temps directly making them exempt from their rights.