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Temporary Agency Worker Directive, are you ready?

August 5 2011

Is your organisation employing temporary agency workers? The TAWD 2011 Directive will become law in its current format and is designed to establish a framework for temporary workers to be treated on an equal basis to workers who are employed to occupy the same job. It applies to public and private undertakings engaged in economic activities whether or not for gain. Directive; Article 5 states that the basic working and employment conditions of temporary workers shall be at least those that would apply if they had been recruited directly by that enterprise to occupy the same job, including working time, overtime, breaks, rest periods, night work, public holidays and pay. Temporary Agency Workers must be given equal access to collective facilities and vocational training. Clauses in an agreement that prevent the end user from employing the agency worker after his/her assignment has ended are null and void. The Directive will become effective 5th December, IPC Consulting is working with a number of clients already and will conduct an audit of your organisation to determine the degree of preparedness free of charge.

Pay, Reward, Recognition & Working Time

March 3 2010
  • Working Time.
    Much of the time, there is a mismatch between the availability of staff to do work and the needs of the business to get work done. Unit cost can often be reduced dramatically by getting the match right. The good news is that there is no cost to staff or to the business. Smarter shift patterns that are flexible and are matched to the needs of the business are creating a win-win situation for all those involved.
  • Recognition.
    Recognition strategies are a smart and low cost way of getting the best out of people. We can still reward staff despite the downturn.
  • Self Managing.
    Give people responsibility rather than attendance hours. We all work best when we are in control.
  • Job Grading, Personal Promotion & Performance Pay.
    A formal Job Evaluation scheme is a good way of getting relative pay rates right and maintaining equity. Personal promotions schemes are a fair way of recognising an individuals exceptional development of their role and their competence. Performance pay is a good way of rewarding teams and individuals for achieving results.
  • IPC Reward Strategy Links.
    Paper presented at LRC / IPC Conference on HR Strategies for the 21st Century. Click Here.