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Industrial Relations Problem Solving

September 15 2010

IPC partners have many years experience in the resolution of Industrial Relations issues. We research the background to current issues, consult with all interest groups, and develop viable resolution options. Our objective is to develop resolution scenarios which meet the core needs of the interest groups while at the same time contributing to operational excellence and sound industrial relations practice.
Industrial relations issues are often associated with the introduction of change. Clear and consistent strategies are required which can win the support of all concerned. Communications of these strategies and the underlying rational behind the needs for change are key.
IPC Consulting partners also develop blueprints for long-term HR strategies which will help create a responsive and agile organisation. Agility can underpin commerical competitiveness while at the same time creating a work environment where invovment and communication are key. We gain a clear understanding of the issues and apply best practice principals to develop HR strategies which will yield results.
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