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Job Evaluation & Job Grading

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Methods of Job Evaluation

March 31 2010

Job evalation systems may be categorised into ‘whole job’ and ‘analytical’ categories. Whole job approaches determine the relative worth of jobs on a whole job basis whereas the analytical approaches analyse the jobs under a number of factor headings. The Points Based Approach is one of the most popular analytical approaches. Jobs are evaluated under a range of factor headings. These factor headings analyse the skills and competencies required in the role. The mental and physical effort as well as the responsibilites and working conditons inherent in the nature of the roles  under consideration are considered under these factor headings. The fact that a range of factor headings are employed lends greater objectivity to the process and fosters consistency of application over time.
IPC Consulting assists organisations to develop and implement role evaluation systems that reflect their values, ethos and needs. We enhance the equity and consistency of application, enhancing the long term acceptability of the process.

Job Evaluation – Overview

March 30 2010

Job Evaluation is a term used to cover a number of separate and distinct methods of systematically measuring the relative worth of jobs in an objective fashion. The objective is to rank jobs for the purposes of pay structure development. The relative ‘worth’ of jobs are determined based on relevant and agreed criteria in a systematic and consistent fashion. Ranked jobs are allocated into bands or grades for the purposes of pay determination. One of the key benefits of using a formal job evaluation or job grading system is that a good system, properly applied, lends consistency and credibility to the process of grade determination on an ongoing basis.