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Shift Work

June 28 2010

We develop shift patterns and shift premia rule sets that allow organisations closely match the availability of staff to the needs of the organisation. Our designs take account of the needs of staff as well as creating the required level of flexibility to allow organisations to respond quickly to changing customer demand levels.

It is important to have consistency of approach across the organisation. We acheive this by developing and applying a consistent set of shift premium rule patterns and thinking ahead to build in the flexibility that might be required in the future. Our approach is straight forward and it works. We begin by analysing the current working time arrangements and associated reward systems, identifying anomalies (which often exist). we then move on to plan for the future. Our approach is one of consultation and analysis, presenting options which provide a basis for sound decision making.

We also take the requirements of the working time directive and associated legisation into account. Current possible breach points must be identified and designed out of the system.

A Working Time Strategy Review is an opportunity to closely match staff availability to the organisations needs, often with consequent unit cost reduction, while at the same time delivering working time advantages to staff and creating a framework which is consistent across the organisation and in line with the requirements of Working Time legislation.